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California ❤️ Frenchies are Frenchie Enthusiasts in the Los Angeles area. We take strict pride in setting a very high standard of ethics by providing our clients with generations of knowledge on the breed as well Raw meat meals to better the French Bulldogs health.

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Founder’s Biography

At a young age I developed a true love for animals. I would always sneak stray dogs and cats into my room. One day, my mother just happened to walk into my room and it was a zoo. I had lizards, snakes, birds, cats, a puppy, and some insects.

As I grew older pursued health and wellness due to personal health challenges. I had been diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, and stage 4 kidney failure. With the bad news of being medicated, I got on my knees and sought guidance from Jesus. I was lead by the holy spirit to change my diet.

I radically changed my diet because I had radical health issues that needed serious attention. After thirty-days of adopting a Raw organic diet, all my health levels went to normal. I continued pursuing a Raw diet and today I feel amazing.

I began helping my 91-year-old auntie who has Alzheimer’s with changing her diet. She was in a brain fog and did not know who she was. She was also taking medication for diabetes for over 50 years. After changing her diet, her health changed radically. Today she is no longer taking medication for diabetes and her memory is back to normal.

The Raw food diet has given radical results for me, my aunt and my French Bulldogs. My dogs have amazing health because of eating Raw food from birth. Frenchies have a very bad reputation for being problematic, health-wise. I have found that eating Raw helps eliminate that problem.

My French Bulldogs have amazing skin, clear glistening eyes, fresh breath, pink tongues and gums, and pearly white teeth. They do not have any skin allergies nor farts.

Be Blessed

“Frenchies have a very bad reputation for being problematic, health-wise. I have found that eating Raw helps eliminate that problem.”

Robyn LaBeaud, Founder of California Frenchie

How To Buy A Puppy

Fashion Designer, Ali Fatourechi, after adopting his new Rottweiler puppy

Call us and let’s get to know each other on FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype. If you are interested in a certain puppy that you see on our site, don’t take the risk of your puppy being sold before you arrive. We suggest you make a deposit and pick up your puppy after a week of making your deposit.

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Nutritional Program

At California Frenchie, we are all about building a solid foundation of health. Our prices reflect that we don’t cut corners. We feed all of our dogs with Organic meats, organs, fruits, and vegetable. Our dogs also only drink Alkaline water.

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My Dogs Are My Children

Robyn and her dogs are a tight family unit. She sleeps with them, gets on the floor with them at eye level, and plays with them. She also loves them and disciplines them. Our French Bulldogs absolutely HATE crates so we personally don’t use them. The parents of the pups also receive the same loving treatment.

If your interested in a certain puppy that you see on the site, please contact us!

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