Our Breeding Program

We provide you with Frenchies that are healthy, lively and vibrant.

Meet The Parents

At California Frenchie, we are all about building a solid healthy foundation for our dogs. Our prices reflect that we don’t cut corners. We feed all of our dogs with Organic meats, organs, fruits, vegetables and our dogs only drink Alkaline water.

Faddi LionHeart
Faddi LionHeartStud
Faddi is a very rare French Bull Dog to my line up the Isabella Lilac his name is from Bastilleore Kennel in Hungary. He is the Rarest and most lavish color in the world. Only a handful of people are able to acquire them.
Ash is one of our solid blue studs imported from Europe. He is short, cobby and well put together with an amazing temperament. He is a happy boy and is always seeking to please.
Bleu is our first Frenchie and our main stud who produces amazingly healthy puppies. He is confident, handsome and well built. Bleu also has an amazing temperament and personality.
Cookies N Cream
Cookies N CreamFemale
Her nickname is Cice and she is such the clown and little lover baby that will steal your heart.
Caffe Latte
Caffe LatteFemale
Caffe Latte is my European import. She is just amazing in every way from her temperament to her personality. She is very confident, not to mention super loving. She is my Blue Fawn beauty. She has given me the most amazing litter. She has large litters too, 9 to be exact. Something she will pass on to her daughters as well as her temperament and all other amazing qualities. She is also very nurturing to her infants.
Sky Blue
Sky BlueFemale
Skye Blue is our European muscle baby. Sky Blue takes her workouts very seriously. She enjoys climbing, running, playing, and any other active activities. She is my Blue Brindle with an amazing physique and amazing temperament. She is also a lover and a clown. She loves to cuddle with her mommy, Robyn.
Luna Blue
Luna BlueFemale
Luna Blue is our European import who carries the blue gene. She is our blank canvas who will produce amazing colorful babies. Luna is loving, submissive, athletic and enjoys giving kisses.

Available Puppies

A generation of Raw babies who have been provided with a Raw food diet from birth. This diet is  super critical for their health temperament and overall well being. Our generation of Raw babies do not suffer from any allergies, skin issues, fungus, nor yeast. In addition, these babies have developed stronger bones and muscles than their parents. 

Available Puppies

Our Frenchies are Raw From Birth

Robyn, the founder of California Frenchie, is a Raw Vegan Chef whose life was changed when she started a raw diet due to personal health challenges. Robyn shows you how to create healthy meals from scratch for your dogs and toss in some recipes for both you and your pet. Welcome to Robyn’s world.

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