Going Raw with Robyn

I myself am a Raw Vegan Chef. I changed my diet to raw because of personal health challenges I encountered. Allow me to show you how to create healthy meals from scratch for your dogs and toss in some recipes for you so both you and your pet can be healthy. My goal is for both you and your pet to recieve vital nutrition needed to heal.

Welcome to my world.

The Raw Diet Is The Best

Kibble is DEAD Food!

The RAW DIET, hands down, is the best. I have tried the top brands from Origen dog food to Pedigree with all its fancy ingredients and it is DEAD food without any nutritional value. Unhealthy diets in humans and animals ultimately lead to disease but this all can be simply changed with a new diet. I am happy to report that all of my fur-balls are thriving on a Raw diet. Even my senior Rottweiler who had severe arthritis. Prior to changing her diet, I was thinking of putting her down because she could barely walk. She was in severe pain and the medication the Vets put her on made her more sickly with side effects. I decided to try her on raw foods and within 30 days my senior Rottweiler was running and jumping like a teenager. She gets everything she needs in the Raw die.

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Nutritional Advice


2 Raw or Not 2 Raw

These and many questions crossed our minds at some time or the other especially when we have a new puppy or pet added to the household. What are the cheapest foods, what are the best kibble and snacks and how often should I feed? Well, I say toss ALL of that out of the window everything learned or what someone told you about the old way you feed your dog and see how I have fed my dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of my Frenchies are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered and some are CKC (Continental Kennel Club). I use both forms of registration.
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Health Guarantee Contract
We start the process for you by starting them on the pee pad then transition them to outside potty. All you have to do is show them where they need to go and familiarize them with your home. Frenchies are really smart and happy to please.
We don’t deliver. If you would like to  to purchase a French Bull Dog you must pick them up from my location.
It’s our utmost desire to give you what you Crave and that’s a Quality French Bull Dog where health and nutrition are Critical to the dogs life and development. When your dog is really healthy it shows. Your dog will stand out from the rest. We do not cut corners and we do not use cheap foods. We provide super high quality Organic Raw meats, vegetables, fruits, herbal tonics and the list goes on. We create Healthy French Bull Dogs that stand out!!!

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