After discovering The French Bull Dog has over seventeen health issues I was eager to establish a new diet that would both satisfy my puppy’s hunger and heal his body. I was shocked to find nothing in the market that would tend to these needs. I found various dog food products from kibble to raw, however, none of the label ingredients were of good quality or wholesome. Since I could not find any appealing products, I decided to create my very own Raw dog food and snacks.

My food is created to target specific areas of the French Bulldog’s body that need 24/7 attention. I used my knowledge as a Raw Vegan to create these healthy meals for my Frenchies. Raw is imperative especially when paired with other vital nutrients dense raw meat, organs, fruits, veggies, Keifer, fish oil etc. You must combine other things to make a powerful meal that will help your Frenchie be healthy and thrive.

What’s on the Menu?

Duck Heads

Frenchies are known for having farts. Duck heads help in eliminating that issue with the mineral vitamin content they provide.

In addition to this Ducks heads also:

  • Prevent Anemia

  • Strengthens bones including teeth

  • Act as a tooth-brush during consumption

  • Supports muscle growth

  • Improves immune system

  • Acts as a natural Antioxidant

  • Supports hair growth

  • Removes gas from the stomach

California Frenchie Raw Poke Bowls

Chicken Feet

Chicken feet are amazing for French Bull Dog puppies. As they grow it is necessary to provide them with specific foods in order to springboard their health.

California Frenchie’s Dehydrated Snacks

We make our own healthy snacks too

Fresh caught salmon and Fresh caught smelt

Norwegian Salmon