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California ❤️ Frenchies are Frenchie Enthusiasts in the Los Angeles area. We take strict pride in setting a very high standard of

ethics by providing our clients with generations of knowledge on the breed as well Raw meat meals to better the French

Bulldogs health.

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I am very hands-on with my puppies. I know each one of them personally. I play with them, and I cuddle with them. I also train them to make sure they are potty-trained, socialized, vaccinated and healthy. Allow me to assist you in matching you with your Frenchie today.

Founder, Robyn

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We Serve Quality Healthy Raw Puppies


His name is Picasso because he is a work of art and has the personality to match. He is very loving and always wants to be near his human.

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My Frenchies Are Organic

My name is Robyn LaBeaud and I absolutely love Dogs. I have been breeding and training dogs including Rottweilers, Caucasian Shepards and now the French Bulldog for over 35 years.

When I purchased my first French Bulldog 2 years ago, I realized that the French Bulldog has a plethora of health issues. The lack of ethical breeders available to provide guidance in how to properly raise and nurture this breed encouraged me to establish a Raw food diet for my French Bulldogs. This diet is super critical for their health temperament and overall well being.

It really does take a professional to do this.

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California Frenchie on NBC News

“Robyn is a very caring person who loves what she does and it shows. I was made the most delicious lunch of fried chicken, greens, black eyed peas and corn bread! Who does that to a potential client?? All was so delicious Her dogs are very healthy and anyone buying from her is bound to have a happy, healthy animal for years to come.”

Billie F.

“The love she has and gives to her beautiful puppies truly shows. It is the number one reason why I decided to get my handsome and healthy French Bulldog from California Loves Frenchies! Coming from NYC, I was hesitant to make a decision on a pup without first meeting them in person. But Robyn gave me her time, over and over again. FaceTime, phone calls and endless photos all helped to make that decision effortless……… There is no need for Google searches on what to do or how to do it, she has all the answers and is always willing to help! Thank you so very much Robyn. We will be seeing you again in the future for #2!”

Clayton N.

“Robyn takes good care of her babies – they’re very healthy and have such great personalities! When we got Cisco, she even gave us a week’s worth of food (they eat raw! Cisco’s thriving and is super healthy ), alongside a harness to use, a doggie bowl, plus a toy that Cisco and his siblings love to play with. I also text Robyn from time to time when I have burning questions in my mind about how to take better care of our baby Cisco. She’s always more than happy to share tips & recommendations!”

Anna S.
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