A Letter from Founder, Robyn LaBeaud

My name is Robyn LaBeaud and I absolutely love Dogs. I have been breeding and training different dog breeds including Rottweilers and Caucasian Shepards for over 35 years. Today, I work with the French Bulldog.

What I love about French Bulldogs is that they are so human-like. I think of them as little human babies with four legs and a tail. I purchased my first French Bulldog 2 years ago. When I did, I did a lot of research in looking for the perfect puppy. I found that the French Bulldog has many severe health issues. So I turned to look for a good breeder. This was very difficult. There were so many unethical breeders out there who did not know how to properly raise this breed. It really does take a professional to do this. I found Dr. Marika Zoll PH.D. in Ojai, California. A two-hour drive up from Los Angeles. I decided to meet with her and I had such an amazing experience. Her French Bulldogs were in perfect shape. I was so enthusiastic to see quality French Bulldogs for the first time. It was then that I purchased my very first Blue Fawn French Bulldog, Bleu, from French Bull Dogs LA and the love affair began.

After being a Frenchie mom for a year, I decided that I wanted to pour my knowledge of health in my dog. I began experimenting with Bleu’s taste buds. I discovered that a Raw food diet from the beginning of your dog’s life is critical for their health temperament. After Bleu, I adopted another Frenchie and started her on a Raw diet as well. She and Bleu produced my first generation of Raw babies. This eliminated allergy, skin issues, fungus, and yeast. In addition, the babies grew with stronger bones and muscles.

Our pets support us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’s so important that we provide them with the absolute best care. At California Frenchie, we provide you with Frenchies that are healthy, lively and vibrant. The average breeder will cut corners and produce an unhealthy pet while communicating with you that it is healthy. They also will charge low fees to get your attention. What should get your attention is detailed health and wellness. We don’t cut corners nor do we provide low-quality dogs. At California Frenchie, we are all about building a solid foundation on health. Our prices reflect that we don’t cut corners but we feed all of our dogs with Organic meats, organs, fruits, and vegetable. Our dogs only drink Alkaline water and are free to roam.

I get on the ground with them at eye level and know each one personally. I play with them, cuddle with them and train them. I have has the ability to match clients with their Frenchie if there is any trouble deciding.

I Look Forward to Serving You.

Tribute to  Priscilla LaBeaud

Mommy this is for you. Mommy, you motivated me to do this business. You are the reason that I have such a passion for dogs. California Frenchie is dedicated to you in your memory. Please rest in peace and watch over me from above as I pursue my passion. I love you and I miss you, mommy.


You devoted daughter Robyn

We Love Frenchies

I have a devoted love to animals, especially French Bulldogs. Frenchies make amazing emotional support animals and service dogs. Let’s face it, your pet is an extension of yourself. It’s so important that you keep it healthy. Rest assured, I will support you and your dog every step of the way to ensure that you take the right precautions and build healthy habits for your new addition to the family.

Founder, Robyn LaBeaud