“I was in the market for buying a dog and was very impressed with California Frenchies. I loved how the puppies were naturally cared for in the most organic way. They spent quality time with their mother in a warm, loving, homey environment. They also ate the best organic food. Great place to get a puppy.”

Robyn takes good care of her babies – they’re very healthy and have such great personalities! When we got Cisco, she even gave us a week’s worth of food (they eat raw! Cisco’s thriving and is super healthy ), alongside a harness to use, a doggie bowl, plus a toy that Cisco and his siblings love to play with. I also text Robyn from time to time when I have burning questions in my mind about how to take better care of our baby Cisco. She’s always more than happy to share tips & recommendations!

Anna S. , Syosset, NY

“Robyn is a very caring person who loves what she does and it shows. I was made the most delicious lunch of fried chicken, greens, black eyed peas and corn bread! Who does that to a potential client?? All was so delicious Her dogs are very healthy and anyone buying from her is bound to have a happy, healthy animal for years to come..”

Billie F., Paris, France

“Robyn is consistently accommodating, and has continued to be since bringing Neil home. There is no need for Google searches on what to do or how to do it, she has all the answers and is always willing to help! Thank you so very much Robyn. We will be seeing you again in the future for #2!”

Clayton N., Applegate, CA

“Robyn is an excellent trainer. She is very conscientious about her Frenchies. She takes pride in preparing organic food for her Frenchies and treats them as if they were own children. I know I will have a healthy Frenchie with Robyn.”

Lonzo J., Riverside, CA

“We could not be happier with our choice of breeder and Frenchie. We continue to turn to Robyn when questions come up or we just need some advice. Robyn treats you like family and her care for her puppies stretches far beyond the day you pick up your new puppy. If you are in the market for a French Bulldog than look no further than Robyn.”

Marat S., Los Angeles, CA

“I purchased my fur baby from Robyn a few months ago and could not have had a better experience. My baby was healthy and well cared for. Robyn was so nice and informative and clearly knows how to ethically raise frenchies. Our little girl has brought us so much joy. She is so healthy and happy. She has a good nose and palette and can breath very well (which is very important to look for in frenchies). ”

Adrie Y., Burbank, CA

“My family and I highly recommend Robyn!  I don’t think you could ever find another breeder who cares so much for her puppies and truly looks for the best home and fit for all….  After a couple of visits we decided on our little man Monty and we could not be happier!  He is such a good, sweet boy and so beautiful!  He is a great little partner in crime for our girl Loli, and the two are inseparable.”

Dana L., Los Angeles, CA

“I absolutely love the way they take care of their dogs. I’ve personally worked with one of their best reps name Robyn. She’s very knowledgeable about how best to take care of a dog and I find myself always reaching out to her for support with my love one. Also she’s totally into feeding the dogs raw food, and from the way I’ve seen her dogs look I can’t help but to believe that my dog would look and feel the same…”

Leibert B., Los Angeles, CA

“Besides all the books we read, Robyn gave us tips and tricks to take the finest care of pups. We have them on her raw food diet (kefir, veg, meet with bones and eggs etc.) and they are flourishing! And Robyn is available for advice any time, one text or call away. I consider her part of the family because not only is she doing amazing work, but SHE’s amazing! She genuinely cares about every member of her pack. Her pack, and her family, are clearly her world.

Come see what she’s doing. There is no pressure to buy. See for yourself and then decide what works for you!”

Jamie P., Carlsbad, CA

Our Past Customers Meeting their Puppies

Harry Morton with our past Rottweiler that we trained.

“Robyn Is the best” – Harry

 Carlton Mackey,

Author, Artist, & Scholar visiting our puppies.

Carlton could not believe how Raw really works so we had to school him good.