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Our Vet Dr. Jeff

This is our vet at CaliforniaLovesFrenchies Dr Jeff Werber. He is a French Bull Dog Specialist and the most Brilliant vet we have ever worked with.

Contact information:

VCA Century Veterinary Group

8750 Venice Blvd LA CA 90008

(310) 559-2500

This litter has been hand feed from birth from our own homemade formula with Goats milk as a base. Our Luna was not able to produce milk for her babies. We used a tube feed or syringe. We did not like the ingredients in the Vet prescribed can milk so we made our own which is better than the can and stands up to Mother’s milk or can be better. These Frenchies will have superior health compared to the average bred French Bull Dog

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    Robyn will support you and your dog every step of the way to ensure that you take the right precautions and build healthy habits for your new addition to the family.

    At California Frenchie, the building foundation of our program is health and wellness. Our dogs have produced a generation of Raw eating French Bulldog puppies. This form of dieting has ultimately eliminated allergies, skin issues, fungus, and yeast infections. Our prices reflect that we don’t cut corners. From birth, we feed all of our dogs with Organic meats, organs, fruits, and vegetables.

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